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Passage Referral Program

Passage Referral Program v1, launching January 4th, 2024 15:00 UTC. Last Updated Dec 18th, 2023.


The Passage Referral Program is designed to incentivize our community to share Passage and earn rewards for doing so. The program will be based on trading volume (executed Passages only).

Referral Tiers

Rebate Split
5% rebate for referrer, 5% rebate for referred trader
10% rebate for referrer, 5% rebate for referred trader
20% rebate for referrer, 5% rebate for referred trader
Tier 1: all links will automatically qualify for tier 1
Tier 2: minimum monthly trading volume above $1,000,000 from all referral accounts
Tier 3: minimum monthly trading volume above $5,000,000 from all referral accounts


  • Only one link per account can be generated and username can not be changed
  • Rebates will be credited to a referrer for 90 days after a referred user enters with your referral link
  • The referral program is for new accounts only. No payment is due for accounts that either previously visited the app with a different referral link, or have already placed their first order with no link
  • Rebates will be credited to executed Passages only (order fills). There is no payment on unfilled orders
  • Cumulative referral rebate will be paid within 5 days after the end of the calendar month. Rebates will be available for withdrawal on the BracketX account page
  • Payment amount will be paid based on the tiers listed and volume targets for each calendar month
  • The applicable tier for each month is based on the trading volume in that month
  • The monthly fee rebate will be calculated as follows: total trading fees paid in a month * associated rebate tier * revenue share split
  • Payments are credited in-kind with the Passages a referred user purchased, e.g. ETH rebates for ETH Passage trades.
  • Any unclaimed rewards not claimed within 6 months may be reclaimed by the protocol
  • The referral program will run until discontinued


Referrer stats will appear on the Account page. Click on the Account button at the top right of the screen to access the Account page
Stats will begin populating in the referrer section of the Account page once payment events are triggered
Stats to accrue here

Passage Trading Commission Schedule

Trade Size
Less than $50
$50 to <$100
$100 to <$250
$250 to <$1000
$1,000 to <$5,000
$5,000 to <$10,000
$10,000 or more

A snapshot of holders will be taken on Thursday, December 28, 2023 15:00 UTC

Mainnet launch date: Thursday, January 4, 2024 15:00 UTC Jan 4th - Partners, Diamond, OG, Den of Dragons NFT holders Jan 7th - Black, Claw Crunch, Rex Rampage NFT holders Jan 9th - Gold, Robots Rebellion, Trees of Terror NFT holders Jan 11th - Open to Public
Links to collections BracketX Contract NFTs BracketX Epoch NFTs BracketX Channel NFTs BracketX OG NFTs Bracket Labs reserves the right to update or change this program at any time with or without notice. Other Terms And Conditions apply.