Bracket Labs


Start here to learn how to use BracketX
Connect your wallet when prompted
  • Ensure you are on the Arbitrum One network, or the application will suggest adding it
  • Select an asset (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.)
  • Select a bracket: Long or Short Long (thinking price will go up), Short (thinking price will go down) Multiplier Max payoff on your investment Term Duration of the bracket starting from the time you purchase Claimable range Range in which you think the price of the asset will move - claimable range goes from 0x (worthless) to X-times (10x, etc.) your investment
  • Buy Enter an amount to invest up to the "MAX AVAILABLE" for that bracket. All buys are paid in ETH but we display in USD value to make it easy. If you want more exposure than the "MAX AVAILABLE," simply buy another bracket up to the "CUMULATIVE MAX" indicated at the same price. After purchasing all that is available at the minimum price you will be given a new MAX AVAILABLE and CUMULATIVE MAX at the next-best pricing.
  • Claim You can claim at any time during the term if your bracket is in-the-money (claimable). On the "My Brackets" page you will see if your bracket is claimable and for how much. All claims are paid in USDC. If you forget to claim, do not worry, we will auto-claim for you at expiration.
  • Fund Funding a bracket requires USDC and some ETH for gas on the Arbitrum One network. You can make USDC funds available per asset (BTC, ETH, USDT etc.) and begin making offers. To make offers, simply select an asset, make funds available for that asset, and set the STARTING POINT of the bracket. Brackets will generally have a 10% widths, except stablecoins which have 3%. The starting point will be the percent out of the money above spot for LONG and below spot for SHORT. Funds will only be committed to bracket contracts once purchased. You can clear offers you do not wish to have, adjust the starting point on brackets not yet committed, meet or beat the lowest offer (0.1% increments). The details of our order management are discussed here.