Bracket Labs

Integrate Bracket Protocol in your Dapp

Bracket Labs can deliver several use cases depending on need.
Use cases for integration

Unstaking insurance

For any wallet provider, portfolio management app or other staking services that provide staking of supported assets, Bracket Protocol could be integrated during the unstaking process to add protection during the period. During the unstaking period, which can last as long as 21 days, assets can fluctuate in price. Offering a solution for this period of time could be a great way for these users to get some protection and for the platforms to generate passive revenue.
Impermanent loss protection
DEXs experience impermanent loss (IL) in LP pools if the price of the deposited asset changes from the time of deposit. IL is sometimes counteracted by trading fees but is still a significant and ubiquitous problem across all of DeFi. Bracket Labs can deliver a strategy that directly hedges the token pair balance. Please contact us for more information about this integration.
Downside protection for DEX swap
DEXs need ways to generate fees. As of now, swap fees are the primary source of revenue. Bracket can be integrated at checkout for supported assets to provide instant access to low-cost downside protection. The application would integrate our widget (coming soon) or build its own front-end to provide a simple value proposition to the user - check out with downside protection for a 1% premium or risk losing money if the asset falls in price. Users can buy this policy for a reasonable purchase price. For DEXs, even a small conversion rate could mean a generous stream of passive revenue.

Downside protection for portfolio assets

Bracket can be integrated directly with custodial or non-custodial portfolio management apps to offer protection on assets that may be sitting idle.
An Integration Guide and API will be available soon